Optional Parameters in Pika

Optional Parameters in Pika

Enhance Your Creations with Optional Parameters in Discord Pikabot. Quick Guide on Using Optional Parameters.

  • Always add parameters after your prompt words.
  • Separate them with spaces.
  • Both single (-) and double (–) dashes are valid for parameters.

📱 iOS Users: Turn off “Smart Punctuation” in Keyboard settings to avoid auto-changing — to an em dash (—), which Pikabot doesn’t recognize.

Parameter Examples

Camera Control -camera ##

  • Directs camera movement: zoom, pan, or rotate (use only one at a time).
  • Example: /create prompt: [Your Prompt] -camera zoom in

Frames Per Second -fps ##

  • Adjusts video smoothness: range 8-24 (default is 24).
  • Example: /create prompt: [Your Prompt] -fps 16

Motion Strength -motion #

  • Sets motion intensity: range 0-4 (default is 1).
  • Example: /create prompt: [Your Prompt] -motion 3

Guidance Scale -gs ##

  • Alters guidance scale for relevance to text: suggest 8-24 (default is 12).
  • Example: /create prompt: [Your Prompt] -gs 16

Negative Prompting -neg xxx

  • Eliminates unwanted elements.
  • Example: /create prompt: [Your Prompt] -neg words letters signs

Aspect Ratio -ar #: #

  • Modifies video dimensions (e.g., 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:5).
  • Example: /create prompt: [Your Prompt] -ar 16:9

Seed Consistency -seed ###

  • More consistent generation. Currently fixing seed ONLY guarantees consistency when both prompt and negative prompt are unchanged
  • Example: /create prompt: [Your Prompt] -seed 123456789
    Note: seed number of a generated video can be found at the end of its file name

💡 Tip: Pikabot can also infer the aspect ratio from your attached image.

🚀 Explore and Experiment! Your creativity knows no bounds with these parameters.

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