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  • Optional Parameters in Pika

    Optional Parameters in Pika

    Enhance Your Creations with Optional Parameters in Discord Pikabot. Quick Guide on Using Optional Parameters. 📱 iOS Users: Turn off “Smart Punctuation” in Keyboard settings to avoid auto-changing — to an em dash (—), which Pikabot doesn’t recognize. Parameter Examples Camera Control -camera ## Frames Per Second -fps ## Motion Strength -motion # Guidance Scale…

  • What is -raw Option in Pika Labs?

    What is -raw Option in Pika Labs?

    Why would I choose ‘raw’ from the drop-down menu when I run the Pika Labs Tune command? When we load up Tune, we’ll either be using it to replace –style raw or we’ll be using it to replace the default house style, which is what we’re dealing with if we do not specify raw. If…