Remove Watermakrs from Pika Art Videos

Remove Watermakrs from Pika Art Videos

How do I remove watermarks from new videos created on

You need a subscription to create videos without a watermark on (videos created under the basic plan will have a watermark).

I have a subscription but my watermarks are still showing on discord videos?

Your subscription only affects new videos created on after you subscribe

The Discord bot and the website are not connected.
They use different models. With a subscription, watermarks will be removed on the website only!

Website (Pika 1.0 via

If you are generating videos on the Pika 1.0 website and you still have watermarks, please make sure that you are trying to download videos that were made since you started your subscription.
Old videos will keep the watermark

How to remove watermarks

With a subscription you are allowed to remove watermarks from discord generations and from old videos you made with Pika 1.0 on the website via the “modify region” function on the website.
Simply download the video, upload it to the website, click “modify region” in the prompting area and select the watermark.

I have a subscription, generate new videos but the new videos still contain a watermark, what to do?

In this case please log out, delete your browser cache for You can try a different browser and log in again.
Also make sure you are logged in with the right account. Even if your discord and Google account share the same email address they will lead to different accounts in our system.
If that does not help, please write a support ticket to and include your user-id found in the bottom left on

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