Pika Weekly Newsletter

Pika Weekly Newsletter

To keep you posted on all that’s going on in our growing Pika universe, we’re starting this weekly update sent out to all of you each Monday.

What you can expect?

  • Product: Most recent updates & expected features
  • Community: Your creations as well as events, both irl & url
  • Content: Stories and content from the Pika community

🚀 Product

Valentine’s Pika Boo — Generate your perfect Valentine’s match 💗

Let your Pika Boo get to know you through a short quiz, and voilà, it will come to life. If you share a video about the quiz and your match on TikTok or Instagram, you will get rewarded!
More here

We won’t say too much yet but the next two weeks will bring some exciting updates… stay tuned!

🌍 Community

  • We have started round #1 of our weekly challenges. It can take more than 24h to get from idea to film – that’s why this setup is here to give you more time & flexibility to show your skills and win credits. You can submit your AI Superbowl halftime shows until Friday in #weekly-challenge Discord channel.
  • **On Friday, @Jessie_ hosted our very first prompt battle **to celebrate Lunar New Year with all of you – we will host the second one this Friday. In the meantime, check out some of the creations from last week: #⁠pika-prompt-battle

🎨 Content

  • Justine published** a great piece about the future of AI consumer apps** – we’re mentioned. Great read! 🎉
  • Martin, one of our Super Collaborators, joined the zero1cine team for **an interview about AI filmmaking, creativity, and more **- huge recommendation, listen in!

👋 Any Feedback?

Send an email to leonie@pika.art or drop @Nonie adm. We also have a dedicated channel for #feedback.

Keep creating!

The Pika Team.

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