Pika Labs Encrypt Feature

Pika Labs Encrypt Feature

To start using Pika Labs Encrypt Feature, open a private chat window with the Pika Labs Discord Bot. You’ll notice that Encrypt offers two distinct options: blending text into the video and blending a pattern into the video.

Text Blending with Encrypt

When you choose to blend text, you’ll be presented with two boxes. In the message box, simply input the text you wish to see in the video. This could be anything from “Hello, we are Pika fans” to any other message you desire. In the prompt box, describe the scene and animation you want to incorporate. For example, you might want a “Pika fans” message made of paint splashes.

Customization Options

Encrypt provides additional customization options:

  • Font Style: Choose from five different font styles, with “modern” set as the default.
  • Image Upload: Upload a reference image to guide the text embedding process.

Advanced Parameters

  • Visibility (W parameter): Adjusts how much the embedded text stands out, with a range from 0 to 2 (default is 1).
  • Text Size: Choose a value between 50 and 100 to determine the size of your text, with the default set at 100.

Pattern Blending with Encrypt

To use a pattern, upload the desired pattern in the message section and describe your idea in the prompt. Then, upload a reference image. Since patterns are not fonts, the font option is not applicable here.

Tips for Effective Use of Encrypt

To get the most out of Encrypt, consider the following tips:

  1. Image Selection: Pika favors images with high density or malleability, such as water, clouds, cityscapes, paint, and trees, as they embed text more easily.
  2. Quantity Over Quality: Using multiple images can sometimes yield better results than a single, high-quality image.
  3. Pattern Contrast: Ensure your pattern has a uniform and contrasting color for better shape recognition by Pika, with black and white being ideal choices.
  4. Prompt Weight: The prompt carries slightly more weight than the image reference. Continuously refine your prompt for better results, but keep it concise if you want the result to be closer to the reference image.


Pika Labs’ Encrypt feature is a powerful tool that offers a unique way to enhance video content with embedded text and patterns. By following the steps and tips provided, users can create visually stunning and personalized videos that stand out in the digital space. Whether you’re a content creator looking to add a creative touch to your videos or a brand aiming to make a visual statement, Pika Labs Bot and its Encrypt feature offer endless possibilities.

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