Pika Labs Community

Pika Labs Community

Welcome to Pika Labs Community! Get ready to unleash your creativity with the powerful AI Video Generation technology.

Pika Labs currently support text and images as input for video generation, and private generations by directly messaging the bot. Follow the instructions on this website to begin your creative journey.

Pika Labs AI is in Beta and only available via Discord Bot.

For a quick start:

  1. Go to one of the following generate channels: ⁠generate-1 ⁠generate-2 ⁠.. (you CANNOT make videos or use /create in any other Pika server channels).
  2. Type /create and select “/create” from the list of commands that pop up on top.
  3. Then in the prompt field, type a description of the video you want to create.

A Prompt Example:

/create prompt: a robot is walking in the forest, sunset -ar 16:9 -motion 2

You MUST follow this structure to get your prompt working:

/create prompt: + description of the video you want to create + optional parameters

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    Pika Bug Reports

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    New Pika Features: Folders & Favorites

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